Case Study


?Vaishnavi Self Help Group? is a group formed under the Dka/KFb project in village Jhingnagar in Tungi Panchayat by MSS. The group has a member called Soni Devi, W/O Bhagwat Ravidas, caste SC lives in village Jhingnagar with her family. Soni was pregnant. Because of the limited economic means, the family was facing poverty. In some of the group meetings, Soni was found absent. After enquiry, the group members came to know about her illness and pregnancy. They all have concerned for her because of her pregnancy and the poor health condition may cause harm to the child. Because of poverty, her husband was not able to visit to a doctor for medical checkup.

One day when her situation got worse, the group members came forward for her help. After the decision in the group meeting, Soni was provided a loan of Rs.3,000/- from the group savings. After the medical attention, Soni got well and she safely gave a birth to a healthy child under the medical supervision and care. Thus, group solidarity played a crucial role in providing financial help to Soni Devi when she needs it most.

Story of Success

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This is a success story of Babita Devi W/O Santosh Ravidas caste SC. Babita is a group member of Kanchan Self-Help Group at Vill. Alinagar in Biharsharif in Nalanda district in Bihar. Babita was pregnant. On 5.02.2016 Santosh after the consent of Babita and his family members visited a lady doctor for ultrasound for determining the sex of the child. After the test, it was found that Babita has a girl child. Santosh does not want a girl child at all and therefore he pressurized Babita for killing of the foeticide and stop giving birth to a girl child. Babita was aware of the PCPNDT Act, 1994 because she attended different awareness programs by MSS on the ACT and therefore she denied for it. Ms. Sabiha Naaz, Secretary of MSS came to know about it from Babita as she wants to give birth to child. Immediately a meeting was arranged with Santosh and his family members. They were informed that killing of female foeticide is a punishable work under the PCPNDT Act. They were told that any doctor or persons who contravene any of the provisions of this Act or rules made there under shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and with fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees. They were also convinced that there is no difference between boys and girls. Santosh and his family became convinced after the meeting and they abandoned their ill thought. Babita was very happy as she gave birth to a healthy girl baby. Santosh and Babita are very happy with their new born child. Timely action taken by MSS has helped a lot in bringing right awareness among the family on PCPNDT Act and that there is no difference between boys and girls now. Property Buy/sale/Rent Property Buy/sale/Rent