Awareness On PC& PNDT Act

Discrimination against women in the form of male-female differentiation constitutes the core of the gender-based system. The rise in the levels of education, which nourished progressive outlook and the advent of industrialization and modernization have affected a sea change in the attitude and thinking patterns of the people. Consequently, the idea that women have to be treated on par with men in every respect has gained momentum. The gender is a cross cutting themes in RCH-II activity. The decreasing child sex ratio and the ?missing girls? is the major concern today, which leaves women the most vulnerable group. The 2001 census shows that the sex ratio for Bihar is 873. In this situation, MSS is making positive efforts in improving the situation, there is need to inform them as well as the adolescent groups, newly married couples, representatives of the PRIs and general community as a whole on prevention of gender biasness and about various socio-economic rights of women. In 2009-2010, MSS through the support of Bihar Voluntary Health Association (BVHA), Patna (Supported by SIMAVI, the Netherlands) undertook activities related to data Collection and formation and training of Bahan Raksha Dal at Pachna Panchayat in Shikhpura district in Bihar. And Formation of Peer Educator Group Training peer educators.
S.No Training Date Topic Covered No. of Beneficiaries
1 Training to Behan Raksha Dal. 15/4/2009 Awareness on PCPNDT Act.& Govt. Scheme for women and girl. 60
2 Training of Peer Educator. 25/6/2009 Awareness on PCPNDT Act and Role of Peer educator with project and community. 12
3 Awareness training to Mixed Stake holder 22/7/2009 Sensitization on the girl child survival issue. 30
4 Awareness meeting to newlywed and Eligible couple. 15/8/2009 Importance of girl child in the family as well as in the society. 25
5 Awareness training to Religious leader. 19/9/2009 Awareness on PCPNDT Act through Religious leader. 15
6 Training with PRI institution. 20/9/2009 To, develop action plan for welfare of girl child and take appropriate action against those who either go for female foeticide or provoke for such illegal things. 28
7 Training to Govt. Health officials. 28/10/2009 The purpose of trg. Is to sensitize them on the decaling sex ratio due to illegal abortion /female foeticide and motivate them to counsel the families /persons who come for such purpose to them 10
Total 560
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