Formation Of Self-Help Groups

Due to Backwardness of Bihar, women are always given secondary status here. The primary unit- family itself does not respect its female members. They are treated as a curse and a woman reproducing a girl child is looked down upon. MSS with the financial support of NABARD tried to break this hegemony by the socio-economic empowerment of the poor women through SHGs process. Till March 31, 2009, 50 SHGs have been formed and strengthened at Bihar Sharif block in Nalanda district covering 02 Panchayats (Maraura and Tungi) and 15 villages/slums under these Panchayats. Periodic training programs were also organized by MSS with the NABARD support to provide basics of group management and EDP among the formed SHGs. Apart from this, 145 SHGs have also been promoted by MSS at Biharsharif block in Nalanda district and Sheikhpura district in Bihar through its own contribution and donation. With the help and guidance of MSS, these women are now making progress towards a secured and confident life. The progress during 2009-2010 is as follows:
Group Strength Group Member Saving (Rs.)
195 3242 6,55,078

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